Friday, April 4, 2014

A Quick Box Opening

Hey guys, I have a few old reviews/box openings that I wanted to do, and just never got around to it. So I figured I’d get started with them so I can empty my computer of the pictures so I can take more pictures. Logical, right? Winking smile

So, ever since my sister got a Resinsoul Bei, I’ve wanted one to make into a mini cyber-goth. However, I’m wondering if she is just a bit to small to do that. I want to go into full detail with her, but in 1/6th scale it may just be to small. I’m going to try it though and see how it turns out.

Merry Christmas To Me!!!

So I ordered my girl, whom I’ve named Leia, during Junkyspot’s 2013 Black Friday event. I got her on the last day when everything on the site was, I believe, 20% off. Good price, so I snatched her up, and I was able to get her in tan.  Red heart


I think it’s so sweet how there are always extra little goodies included in your package from Junkyspot. When I finally open my shop I am so going to take a leaf out of their book and pop some goodies in all the packages I send out. Everyone loves a little something extra in their package.

Plastic Bag Mummy?

What??? No bubble wrap? Where is my mummy?!? Well I guess a plastic mummy will have to do. I love how she looks purple. I took the pictures as a rainstorm was coming in and it was starting to get dark outside.

Yep, Purple.

So purple. LOL! I am kind of bummed that they don’t come in baggies any more. They come with this big pillow now. I guess for when they are in their boxes or bags? *sigh* Oh well. I guess I should take her out more and then I won’t have to worry about where I store her. Just don’t know where to store her because sun peeks into my house at all angles even with the blinds closed. *sigh* I lead such a hard life. Winking smile

Much Better.

I decided to use the flash on my camera and it actually caught her in her right color. Maybe a little tiny bit washed out, but she’s so beautiful. I am not sure what direction I am going to go with her. I bought different eyes for her, not a fan of her default eyes. In the picture above with her wrapped in her pillows and surrounded by goodies, you can see a zip-lock baggie and that holds a wig cap for her and her new eyes. I got her some green eyes, but I am not sure if I will keep them. I may have to get her new eyes. I keep buying so much stuff for my dolls that don’t work out, but I just can’t get rid of them, always thinking I will eventually have a doll that can use them. LOL! But can’t wait to share her transformation here.

So my initial thoughts on her? I love her. She’s super cute, and has adorable elf ears. I am slightly bugged by how her mouth is done because one side kind of hitches up where they other side doesn’t. So not a fan of that, but I will get used to it. Also, her stringing is horrendous. I want to try to find some stronger elastic and restring her, along with Mori…I changed Midori’s name, and along with Christmas Noel. Their stringing is just too loose, and when I pull up on the strings they become kicky. I want to make them a little more fun to pose and play with. I know, first world doll owner problems.

I need to make a master to-do list and post it here on my blog, and that way I can knock them off here as I do them all. Super excited to jump back into dolls, toys, crafting, and more. I am going to also tinker with the blog some to make it a little more fun as well and perhaps get it ready to become my focus point. I’ve got plans and hope to reach most of them this year. Fingers crossed

Ok, and that’s all for now guys. I hope all of you are doing well, and another review/box opening is coming soon. Take care until next time.  Bye for now lovelies.


  1. What a great doll - I think she looks wonderful!
    Thanks for your comment on my OWOA post and for entering the giveaways, good luck to you x


    My OWOA post is here.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sherry. I'm glad you like my new girl. I can't wait to show the finished product. :-)

  2. I love this bjd! She is precious! Wish I had one but they are so hard to find as they are snatched up so quickly by everybody. I am too scared to try and make one myself, but I have viewed Youtube videos about making them which the videos are very precise. I have heard of people almost going nuts when the make bjd's as the clay sometimes cracks if it is too thin as the doll is being made. I love the dolls of 'Tireless Artist' blog. Her handmade bjd's are amazing.
    Nice to meet you! And thank you for stopping by for the 'Our World Our Art' event.
    Teresa in California

    1. Teresa I want to make my own bjd as well. I would like to eventually sell my own dolls some day. Fingers crossed. If you are looking for a bjd I would suggest The Junky Spot, Mint On Card, and Denver Doll Emporium if you don't want to fight with others of trying to get dolls off of Ebay or other similar sites. I think you'd love a bjd because it's such a blank canvas open to so much potential.


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