Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring: A Lovely Rebirth

Today was a simply stunning day. Blue skies with just a few wispy clouds floating by, the trees are blooming, the air smells amazing, and everyone is out and about. I have been lurking everywhere online and in life, licking wounds and dealing with my health, but now Spring has sprung, it's time to shake off the dust, figuratively and literally, and start living life again. So I have decided to start with some Spring cleaning. So much dust, so much clutter, I am so ready to purge things and get rid of tons of junk I really just don't need.

I have a blog post in my drafts that I need to post. It explains a lot about what I've been doing this past few months, as well as what I plan to do this year and in my future. I just need to work on it a little more before I post it. For now I just wanted to post a quick post to say hi and that I'm still here. I have plans for this blog and I hope to start working on them soon. Yeah, I do tend to hangout on Tumblr every day, but it's just not the same as my blog here. I think I can get things out more here and be more centered here. So expect to hear more from me and my "plastic crew" soon. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying Spring and the warming weather. Take care peeps. Bye for now. :-)

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