Sunday, April 20, 2014

Organizing My Life and Happy Easter

So I have decided that in order to get to where I want to be in life I need to organize my life, real and virtual. So I am doing both at the same time. Spring cleaning in my home and cleaning up my computer and the places I visit online. So I decided I first wanted to clean up my Pinterest so I can start using it more. Sure, it's a time-waster, but it gives you access to such great ideas, and since I want to become more crafty in life, it's where I need to be. But I have noticed my boards were made specifically for me and not really with any organization in mind. I joined Pinterest in it's wee early days and like many, I just posted stuff anywhere, I've double pins in boards, and it's just not organized, so I want to do that so I can reference it better for doll crafts and crafts in general, along with other things I pin there.

Along with Pinterest I want to organize my bookmarks. I have tons and no of them I visit because they are not organized. I have decided that I can't read ALL THE BLOGS so I need to find the few I cherish, make a blogroll, and stick to that unless I find a blog I really, really, REALLLLLLLLY like. I'll be updating the blog with pages for my blogroll so you guys and see the awesome people I read and maybe find some new blogs to read.

Speaking of blogs, I am opening up my old blogs again. I just stopped everything when I was with "he who shall not be named", and well he made me feel so foolish about so many things I loved in life, that I just let them all go. So it's so hard to get back into them because I feel foolish about them still. But blogging made me happy. Interacting made me happy, and I hope I can reconnect with you all again very soon and make blogging a daily event in my life and vlogging as well. I may have mentioned it, I have a silly tutorial video I want to upload and share with you as a start to my tutorial and vlogging for dolls and crafts.

I have big plans. I've had big plans and I just wouldn't allow myself to see them through. Now I want to so badly. And I am making slow strides to make it happen. Once I finish my organizing and cleaning I will be able to move on to FINALLY opening the shop, starting my Youtube channels properly, and blogging hopefully every day. I just need to be organized first so I can respond back to people, which by the way, I want to thank everyone who has commented on my blog. In my depression I shied away from my blog, interacting, and responding, and for that I am so sorry. I have responded to all the comments from 2014, but to go and further back would take forever and I doubt it would be relevant to you any more. So please accept this collective THANK YOU and I hope you will continue to comment. It's ok if you want to wait first to see if I keep my word about blogging, that's understandable, just know that your comments have been read and they mean a lot to me and thank you so much for them.

So yeah. That is where I am now. It's a bit overwhelming as I try to find my way back into this. I used to know what I wanted from the hobby, and now I am a bit scattered-brained. I would like my doll hobby to become a career in some sort. I have dreams of becoming a doll designer, or a toy designer in general. I just know my heart is in toys, dolls, collectables, and making kids of all ages smile with their new toys and dolls. So that's my lifetime goal I guess. For now it all starts with properly rejoining the community I have loved for years. I hope all of you are having a wonder Easter, if you don't celebrate Easter I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, and I will be back with a new update very, very, VERY soon. :-) Until next time guys. Take care. Bye for now. :-)

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