Thursday, April 5, 2012

I shall deal with the dill weed for now…

Only because now I can’t get my computer to act like it did before. I don’t know what they did there, but they have changed my computer some how. It gets hot now where before it was always cold to the touch. Its not Hades hot like it was before, but it does it a balmy hot. I’m worried about the heat ruining my dvds since it does heat up that side of my computer now. I have since found the fan and I will retract what I said before, they put that back together right, but there is something wrong. My computer is vibrating and getting hot. Something is not right. There are two other computers in the house just like mine so I will try them out and see how they do before I settle on calling foul. I just wanted to do it before tomorrow because tomorrow will be a week and I don’t know if they have a time limit on when you can return stuff to be fix or heck if they even have that. I’ll look into it today, and maybe think of investing in a cooling pad. Its already starting to get warm and its only been on for maybe half and hour and this part never got warm even when my fan stopped working. They did something wrong to my computer and I’m not sure if I should take it back and complain for just get a cooling pad.  I’ll check the other computers first I guess.  *sigh* But on a cute note, is that not the cutest dill weed container you’ve seen today. I’m sure there are much cuter ones out there, but let’s focus on today shall we? Winking smile  Thanks for putting up with my ranting as I figure this out. Its frustrating but life is too short to let it keep me down for too long. So as a thank you for putting up with my non-doll rant I shall leave you with these interesting doll links.

So while I do prefer my doll world to be 1/6th I can’t ignore the beauty of ball joint dolls.  They are just so pretty and I would love to own several of them. As I’ve always said, I’m a doll collector and I like dolls of all kinds. So I’ve been looking at ball joint doll sites, forums, and videos lately.  Through my doll and craft Tumblr blog I found my way to some interesting blogs, namely bjd confession sites.  On these blogs people can secretly, or not so secretly, leave thoughts they have on bjds and the community. I find this to be refreshing but also insulting at the same time. People freely post their thoughts on dolls, doll molds, face ups, and the type of people in the community (i.e. people who buy cheaper dolls like Bobobie compared to people who buy Soom dolls).  So if you don’t have a thick skin these confessions may rub you the wrong way. I just take them with a grain of salt and realize everyone has their own opinion and while I may not agree with it I’ll fight for their right to have it. So with that said, here are the three confession sites I’ve found.


First up is BJD Confessions/Resin Confessions. Now from what I’ve gathered, this blog went through three ownerships. For those of you aren’t on Tumblr, if you close your blog your blog name goes back “into the pot” for others to use. The first owner of the blog closed it because of negative feedback they were getting about the blog, so someone else took the name. I believe this next person gave it up because things got busy for them and they couldn’t update the blog like they wanted to and so someone else took it. Then the recent owner took it and changed the name of the blog to Resin Confessions while keeping the original blog name. Why? You’ll find out in a moment.


BJD Confessions 2 has no real relation to BJD Confessions/Resin Confessions, except for the fact that a previous owner of BJD Confessions, I believe it was the second owner, used to own BJD Confessions.  There was a debate on why the two blogs couldn’t merge together, it seems the owners aren’t really fond of each other.  I kind of wonder if the blog name is really meant as BJD Confessions 2 or meant subtly as BJD Confessions “Too”. Either way, both blogs are interesting to read and see the thoughts of fellow doll collectors. Warning, some of the pictures on the blogs have doll nudity and strong language.


Then last, but far from least, is BJD Text Confessions. Now the story on this site is kind of foggy for me. I believe they came to be after the earlier formations of BJD Confessions or perhaps before any bjd confession blog at all. All I know is that it was around before BJD Confessions 2. Its just a to the point confession site of people just telling it how it is, how they wish it was, or how it used to be. Pretty interesting read. Some confessions get lengthy replies and really get into the topic being discussed. I tend to like those because it really gets the discussion going and let’s us see how people really feel. For example, this post got this response:

Re: confession 224

That right there is the kind of thing that really bugs me about the whole recast debate. Citation please? Numbers? Proof? Broad sweeping statements like this are what make the whole thing so damn ridiculous.

Personally speaking (and I AM adamantly anti-recast) I’m perfectly willing to pay the asking price for well made doll clothes, be that from someone on Etsy, DoA or a doll company and I sure as hell don’t haggle because I value the time and skill that’s been put into something and I know that’s what I’m paying for. Providing the product lives up to that asking price. For example I wouldn’t pay $40 for a basic tshirt just because it’s handmade or $100 for a dress that’s so simple even I could knock one together with my very limited sewing skills. When we’re dealing with handmade items you can’t only charge based on time, someone could take 5 hours to make that tshirt but that doesn’t mean it’s worth $40, it means they need to learn how to make it more efficiently to make sure they’re earning a decent profit margin or hourly wage on it because items like that have a perceived value and when there’s similar things (that are just as legit) available for half the price then it’s not exactly competitive to over-price them just because you take five times longer than someone else to produce an equivalent product.

Recasts aren’t /equivalent/ products though, because BJDs are priced, like products generally are, to cover time, overheads (rent, wages, etc) and what ever profit margin they’d deemed to put on it to make it worth the time and energy to produce (for all we know that profit margin could be tiny or it could be huge, but we don’t know without numbers from the companies but I can’t exactly see them giving them). Recasts are someone’s way of cheaply making a quick buck, they don’t have to put the time and resources into developing and designing the dolls, that work’s done for them and they make a profit off someone else’s work but that’s beside the point.

The point is, not everyone behaves the same way, not everyone values things the same way so tarring everyone who dislikes recasts with the same brush is not only ridiculously unfair and uninformed but it goes to show how quick people are to point fingers in an attempt to discredit the people who disagree with them. It only makes your own arguments and justifications for your own actions look weaker when you rely on smearing the people you’re debating against, and that applies to both sides.

I just really love how people can talk it out without worrying about backlash or being frozen out of the community. Once again, beware of strong language in these confessions.

And that is all I have for you today ladies and gents. I’m off now to see if I can figure out this heated situation with my laptop and hopefully manage to return to you all again really soon. Be good until then. Talk to you later. Bye for now. Smile

ETA: Even before signing off I have found out that I won’t be returning the computer to get fixed. Remember that “act of a high power” I mentioned before, well yeah it didn’t work in my favor. So now I will be shopping for a cooling pad. *sigh* Oh well, tis life I suppose. If anything this means a cool thing, later on this year I’ll be in the market for a new computer. My attempt at a Rainbow at the end of a Storm cloud mentality.  Smile  Ok now I will seriously talk to you all later. Be good until then. Bye for now. Smile

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