Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Don’t Have To Go On “Hoarders: Email Edition”

It took forever to get through all 2000 emails but I did it! I got through them all! I responded to the lovely people who emailed me, and now I just have two emails in my inbox that I need to deal with either tonight or tomorrow. I feel so much better now that that is done. I feel so guilty when I don’t respond right away to people, but oddly enough I found out that I’m not the only one. A lot of people on Facebook today mentioned how they had 60,000 or more emails dating back to 2004 that they just can’t face going through. So I don’t feel so bad. Winking smile  I just don’t use my email much so I slack off on checking it. I’ll try to at least check it once a week instead of once a quarter.  LOL!  Thanks for being patient with me on returning emails to you. Tomorrow’s challenge?  Comments!!!  I’ve decided to only respond to emails from this year.  I’ll check them all, but I don’t want people getting response to posts I made forever and a day ago. But I do thank you for all the old comments to me and I know I will enjoy reading them. I love getting comments and I’m sorry I haven’t stayed up on them. I will start work on them tonight and finish them tomorrow. I so need more organization in my life or at least a schedule so I can stay up on top of these things. Keep your fingers crossed that I will pencil in making a schedule some time this week.

And I’m off peeps. I am tired from hunching over a computer all day. I’m going to go lay down, stretch out my spine, and catch up on some blogs for a while. I will talk to you lovely people tomorrow.  Smile

Wondering how many comments she has to go through,

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