Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Happy Easter Wish And A Toni Ellison Gift

I hope all of you had or are having a wonderful Easter. I had a nice quiet one. I watched two movies while exercising, got some yummy candy…which does not help with the wanting to lose weight lol, and I got a new “friend” that I will be sharing with you later on.  Bunny  Other than that I haven’t done much since last night. Last night I got as sick as a dog. Horrible. And I so did not feel like sitting up through the stomach pain so I called it a night early and went and relaxed in bed for a few before nodding off. So I am trying to be productive tonight as long as my back and head work with me. Long story on that one, just go with me on it. Smile  But that was my wish, I hope you all had, are having, will have a lovely Easter holiday.  Now for the gift. Smile 

So, if you have not learned already I’m going to educate you. YouTube is your friend…right after Google of course. Winking smile  But seriously, YouTube is a vast collection of tutorials for just about anything you could want to learn about, many of them doll related.  In searching YouTube last year I came across a channel of a young woman who made food canes from polymer clay. She has since come a long way from making canes to making everything from clay cakes and burgers to making potions from the Harry Potter franchise. She puts up tutorials on how she makes these items on her YouTube channel. Now while these tutorials are mostly for making jewelry out of, you can easily just omit the jewelry finding part of the tutorial and have the items to use in your doll photostories and dioramas. And the extra cool part? These tutorials can be used for dolls of any size, it all depends on you, your supplies, and your patience.

So where to find Toni and her tutorials? I and well she have got you covered.  Winking smile  So first of all you can find her on YouTube where she has several easy to follow video tutorials. She’s currently working through a Harry Potter series by making potions. Her tutorials don’t tell all of what she uses, but never fear, she puts those details on her blog. Her posts are quick and simple and just basically fill in the blanks that her videos may leave. If you have a Tumblr, you can follow her there too. It basically updates you on when she updates YouTube and you can ask her questions there as well. Not into blogs? No worries, she also has a FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Whew, all covered?  Here’s hoping so because that’s all I could find, if you want more than that you are on your own. LOL! So if you have ever wanted to try making some of your own clay items you have a great start with Toni’s videos. So go forward and make some yummy treats for your mini peeps.  Smile

And on that note I am off. I hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful week. Talk to you all soon.  Be good until then. Bye for now. Smile

Giving her chocolate bunny the evil eye DevilBunny,

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