Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Liv in Wonderland

Hey guys, so the other day I bought two new dolls.  The Liv in Wonderland Sophie and the Liv in Wonderland Alexis dolls that are Target Exclusives…damn I hate exclusives.  I honestly wanted the whole set, but they are a bit pricey.  I mostly wanted the whole set for their wigs, I am in love with Liv doll wigs and can’t get enough.  I am currently rerooting two and one I will be cutting and styling.  And yes, I want more and more and more.  Love them.  LOL!  But I wanted to show you pictures of my new girls.

Liv in Wonderland Sophie

This is Liv in Wonderland Sophie dressed up as Alice.  The reason she came home was because her dress didn’t look “themed” to me and she has glasses, cute stockings, and cute shoes.  Also her look was delicate and fit the look of a character I wanted for my new story I will soon be working on.

Liv in Wonderland Alexis

This next gal, Liv in Wonderland Alexis dressed up as the Queen of Hearts, is the one I originally wanted when I learned a cool thing about her.  I loved her wig and that sold me quick on her.  And I love the Queen of Hearts.  I’m a little miffed her dress is so “themed” but she was bought more for her wig and body than the dress.  Now the reason I wanted her body is because she is a few shades darker than the regular Alexis dolls.  Check out the following pictures.  I apologize ahead of time for dusty faces in the full view of the pictures.  I wiped them down but didn’t do as good of a job as I thought.  But hell, we’ve all got dust so don’t judge me to harshly ok.  Winking smile


I know the color difference is a little hard to see, but she is a little darker.  I’m leaving her heart, or cutie mark as I like to call it, since it fits with the character she is meant to be.


One without the flash. It still so hard to tell.  Sad smile


This one is blurry, but I left it in hoping you might be able to see the color difference a little better in it.


Another blurry one, I think the color shows a little better in this one. Yes? No? Maybe so?


Arms.  They look similar in person too and are just a hair different.


The hands are a little easier to tell the color difference.

Comparison Shot

And a full view of the gals next to each other.  Can you see it?  I just love her!  And I already know what character she will be.  So excited about the story more since I got her.

First Wave Alexis

And yes, those are Monster High Frankie Stein’s earrings she is rocking.  I wanted to see if they fit and they do and I think they look cute on her.  I think Frankie may have lost her earrings.  LOL!

And now time for some group shots.  I think the last one reflects the difference in color quite well.

Group Shot

Group Shot

Group Shot

So yeah, those are my two new girls I got.  Like I said, I’d like the rest of the set, but their clothes are themed and all I really like about them is their body, wig, stockings, and shoes, I could totally leave the dresses and hats except for the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter is my fave character in Alice in Wonderland and Katie’s little hat headband is so cute!  And I mean we’re all just a little bit mad right?  Before you answer that, think about the fact that you are on a doll blog and probably have one yourself or have a room full of dolls somewhere in your house.  Mad?  I think so.  Winking smile  Ok, I’ve got some more posts coming down the pipeline to you guys.  Just taking me a bit to write them.  I have so much catching up to do, but I’ve been busy here with things and on top of that I’ve rediscovered the fun of video games.  I’ve been playing them with my sister and before I know it hours have gone by.  I know, LAZY!  I’ll get back on track, and finally catch up on blogs.  Some I am weeks behind on and slowly catching up.  So if you haven’t seen me comment in a while it’s because I’m catching up.  LOL!  So yeah, talk to you lovelies later.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.  Smile

Loves ya,

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  1. Ooh that's really interesting about the skin tone difference in the Alexis dolls.. hmmm. I need jointed bodies for some of my darker barbies! I've not seen any of these in the uk but will keep an eye out!


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