Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Project Update

So I took the Bantu knots out and finger brushed the twists loose.  I ended up with a mane that would make any lion green with envy.

Hair Project

It has a lot of volume which I kind of like.  A LOT of volume.

Hair Project

I had to have her hold the hair out of her face so you could see it.  The hair is like soft wavy falls down her back, but I wonder how this will look in a shorter cut.  Not sure.

Hair Project

Look at how poofy it is now.  I mean it was poofy to a certain degree before, but now it’s really out there.

Hair Project

So this is the current results.  I will attempt to cut it tomorrow.  Man I hope it’ll look good.  Maybe I should run some water through it again and just make it straight.  It’s so poofy.  I want some poof but not poodle poof.  Meh, I’ll think about it.  And you can see in the background on the left another project I’ve yet to return to.  I have a post I need to make about her too.  Soon my darlings.  Soon.  But for now I’m off.  Going to catch up reading some Sin in the City and then maybe some Netflix before bed.  Bye for now my lovelies.  Be good until next time.  Smile

Loves ya,

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