Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Project–The Wavey Haired Bob

Hair Project

So recently I was given a Liv doll Hayden wig.  I have this wig several times and decided to try something with this one.  On one of the wigs I was taking the hair out to use it to reroot different hair into it, and was cutting the hair short to remove it and saw it looked super cute as a bob.  But I wanted to reroot it so I took it all out.  Well this my attempt of recreating that look with a spin on it.

Hair Project

So this is what the Hayden wig I chose to style looks like.  I took out the two front Braids and brushed them out.  Then I boiled some water and dipped the hair into the hot water.  I was thinking I was going to straighten out the curls from the braids but then thought I wanted to keep the wave and just try to put it all over.  So I tried to straighten out some of the braids a tiny bit so that it wouldn’t look weird when I did the all over style and would just blend in.

Hair Project

So after the hair is brushed out I made two strand twists all over and then twisted the twists over themselves to make a weird version of a Bantu knot.

Hair Project

I let that dry overnight but I’ve yet to check it out.  I will do that soon in a bit.  I won’t cut it until tomorrow when I have some daylight.  One of the bulbs in that room went out so it’s rather dark and I want to see what I am doing while I cut because doll hair has this pesky way of not growing back for some reason.  Winking smile

{Image From Disney’s Rupunzel}

So this is the look I am ultimately going for.  A choppy look, but I wanted mine to have some waves in it.

{Image From Disney’s Rupunzel}

I want the hair to be about the same length as well.  I just want some waves.  I so hope it turns out to look like that.  I’m super nervous it won’t.  I want the hair to fit a character in the new doll storyline I will be starting next year.  Yes I am starting to prepare and collect for it now.  LOL!  But yeah, that is what I am working on now.  I am doing a lot of hair projects lately.  After this I am returning to rerooting.  I have another head to root for my sister and then two Liv doll wig caps to reroot.  I have pictures to share of all that too, but it’ll come in time.

And that’s all for now kids.  Just wanted to show you my current project.  I am off now to check on those Bantu knots and hope it turned out the way I wanted.  Fingers crossed tightly and wish me luck peeps.  Talk to you all tomorrow.  Be good until then.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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