Monday, August 16, 2010

Walmart toy clearance info.

Hey guys, wanted to post this in case it was a national thing.  My local Walmarts have their last season toys on clearance. Some that may be of interest to you are the Liv dolls for 13 dollars and Moxie dolls for about the same I believe.  You can also get some Liv doll accessory packs with some shoes and wigs.  They also have some collectable Barbies on sale as well, the Bond series that were 25 dollars and the retro repos that recently came out for 30 dollars along with their stuff like the mugs and key chains that I didn’t catch the price on.  I also found an accessory pack from the Barbie Basics line for 3 dollars.  The two Walmarts I went to had different things so be sure to check all your local ones for different things.  Ok, I’m off now.  Super tired.  Talk to you all later.

Loves ya,

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  1. Any time! I love to pass on the wealth if I can. Will update on any new sales I hear about. :-)


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