Monday, August 16, 2010

G.I. Joe at Tuesday Morning.

Hey kids, so I know I am suppose to be on break from blogging, and I am technically, but I found some sales that I wanted to post about in case anyone was interested in them.

So I was looking at the Hobby Lobby site to see what was on sale since I am heading out in a bit and since I saw nothing there I decided to look at the Tuesday Morning site since some of the stuff on there is in the store.  Under their toy section I found three G.I. Joe related dolls and thought I’d pass the news on to you all.

First up is the G.I. Joe by Hasbro® Mademoiselle Marie Action Figure Set for $29.99, originally $99.99.

When I first got into doll collecting she was the first “doll” I came across online.  I wanted her so bad.  She was in a colorful plaid skirt when I saw her.  But this set is so cool with a all the clothes and a wig.  Her baby blue eye shadow has always put me off but it kind of grows on you.

Next up is the G.I. Joe by Hasbro® Miss Fear Action Figure Set for $29.99, originally $99.99.

Her’s is actually the first one I saw on the website before the other two.  I love her look. Very sexy but powerful.  She comes with several outfits and weapons.  I don’t like her as much as Mademoiselle Marie, but she’s a close second.

Finally we have the G.I. Joe by Hasbro® Enemy Ace Action Figure Set for $49.99, originally $199.99.

Not a big fan of this set, but it’s nice you got several outfits, weapons, and a dog with him.  I don’t see why this would give him double the price honestly, but it is what it is.

Actually, speaking of price, I think their “original” prices are kind of crazy.  I know, they are “collector”, but wow!  I guess it would make more sense to spend that kind of money on these dolls with several outfits than on one collector Barbie with usually only one outfit and the body cannot be moved outside of up and down arm motions.  I’m not sure if the arms go out on the Silkies since they are suppose to be like early Barbies.  Someone who has some, could you let me know about that?  But yeah, there you have it folks.  Pounce while the pouncing is good.  I would personally want both females, but if I could only have one then it would be Mademoiselle Marie hands down.  Might still get her…might not.  LOL!  Ok, that’s all for today.  I’m off.  I have tons of posts to make about stuff I’ve been doing and whatnot, but I really do need to keep focus on some things now.  Give me another couple of days and I will be back with posts galore.  Until then, be good.  Bye for now.  :-)

Loves ya,


  1. Great post, I've seen that Marie doll before, but passed, but that was before this better price. Either way I have to pass, I've spent way too much with dolls lately.
    About Silkstones, their arms don't move out, just up and down. They're just held on by elastic.

  2. I have Miss Fear, but I would have loved to get the Mademoiselle Marie and at that price! Thanks for the alert.

  3. Silkies don't move out? Ok that just wouldn't flow with me. I would like to own one but I'm just not the kind of have a doll for looks alone. Maybe when I get older, but as for now I want my gals and guys to play. Thanks for the info on that.

    And I hope you got Miss Fear. She's very pretty. Glad my info could help someone get a hidden gem. :-)


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