Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glidden free paint samples.

So while going through some of my pictures to try to play catch up on blog posts, I forgot about some that I had taken.  One of them was of the free Glidden paint sample I got in the mail a while back.  I don’t think the promo is still going on any more.


Thanks to Smidge Girl of Smidge House for the tip about the free samples.


So I ordered a light blue and white paint to use for a simple interior color.  Now I wish I had gone bolder, but when I picked my colors this is what I saw that would fit nicely.  But now I’m not even sure I am going to use the paint.  I might just put it up for a trade or something.  Not sure yet.

These things are neat.  They have paint brushes attached to the top and from what Smidge Girl said they cover roughly 3 feet of space.  And like she said, that’s a lot of space for us doll peeps.  I had planned to use the paint on a plastic house I want to try changing up but I had planned it to be just trim.  I still may do that.  Just not sure yet on how I want to go about customizing the house.  Meh.


As you can see the box comes in a nice gift box and it has a nice letter and some large paint chips of complimenting colors you could choose to go with the colors you picked out.

I have not tried the paint yet so I don’t know about it’s quality, but so far the I am impressed with the presentation of it alone.  When I do try out the paint I will update you all on it.  Well that’s all for this post.  I have several more coming up.  Just doing it slow since I am still “technically” on break.  It’s just hard to keep from blogging and I owe so many of you a response in comments and whatnot.  Yep, got behind again.  I’ll catch up I promise.  Ok, I’m off.  Talk to you all later.  Bye for now.

Loves ya,

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