Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seriously?! You can stop already!!!

Who needs good luck anyway?
Why?! Why do I ALWAYS have to be there when bad things happen?! So we've been getting work done on the house, and it just seems one bad thing after another is happening. This all started with a leaking faucet. If I would have just gotten my rear in gear so we could have a plumber come in, I don't think most of this would have happened.

So like I said, it started with one leaking faucet in the kitchen. We had to turn the hot water off at the tap and turn it on when needed. That went on for a while as we tried to sort issues over getting a plumber in. Well one leaking faucet turned into two once the cold water went bad too. So we were going to get a plumber in, except instead of that we ended up with a few remodels in the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms. The bathrooms went in, and the downstairs ended up flooded. The new kitchen counters went in and then the sink gets fixed, and its leaking. Before it gets put in though, when I reached under the sink a few days ago to turn the tap off, the pipe from the sink drain pops off. *eye roll* It was an easy fix, but it's nice to have the sink back together and I don't have to reach under it to turn it on, even though it still leaks. *another eye roll*  That plumber that put our new stuff in has been nothing but trouble for us.

Well the last straw was just now. I needed water. I wanted cold water from the Brita in the fridge. I go get the water, take a drink, and it's kind of warmish. I think it's just been filled so I grab the other one that's almost empty and get some water. I take a sip. Warmish again. I start grabbing things and feeling them. Hummm...they seem warmish. I call for a second opinion and that is where it is brought to my attention the cooling lights are off. Are you kidding me?!? Middle of the freaking night and our fridge died on us!!! And I, again, have to be the bearer of bad news. I get nervous when that happens because someone in this house tends to go from calm to spastic in .01 seconds. But I was surprised, it was a more of a "shit happens" kind of reaction with a small laugh. I was tempted to ask if they were ok, but decided not to tempt the Gods and get my tail out of there. Not sure what will be done now, guess we'll be getting a new one tomorrow.

It's just funny. One leaking faucet turned from a several hundred dollar plumber's visit into a several thousand dollar remodel and new appliance purchase. It's funny how life is funny like that. But I think I will keep to my room more for the next couple of days. It seems like every day I step into that kitchen something new breaks. Oddly enough, I don't think anything happened on Friday the 13th. Guess that was my day off. *sigh* Ok, just needed a quick "in disbelief" vent and rant. Thanks if you read this far. :-) I will be back to regular blogging here soon. I recently got a gift and it's going to help me with my blogging big time. More on that soon. Until then, be good. Bye for now. :-)


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  2. Yikes. We had the water line going into our fridge break and spray water all over our kitchen one day but I think you have me beat on house remodel and things breaking. Start carrying a good luck charm.


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