Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Manage Your 1000 Subscriptions

I'm Not A Craft Hoarder
That is what my Youtube said when I went to look at who had updated in my subscriptions list. I kid you not, 1000 subscriptions. Ugh! I don't know how I let it get that crazy. Well wait, actually I do. I would subscribe to someone because they had a video I liked and I wanted to see if I would like more later. Or I liked a person at the time when I subbed to them. Or I subbed to a person because they made videos about the topic I was currently interested in at the time. However, when I moved on to other interests, I failed to remove the subscription. Thus, I had 1000 subscriptions. I have been working on deleting them all, and I am down to 700 something now. I want to get down as low as possible. 100 would be nice, but I don't see that happening. I told myself the limit is 300. I then plan to spread those out over three different accounts, two of which I plan on using in the near future.

It's kind of interesting though, going through my old subscriptions and seeing who I subbed to. I could see parts of my life through my subs. I have been reflecting back on times of my life when I was interested in one thing or another, realizing I haven't thought about some of those things in forever. Those accounts got kicked off my sub list. But other accounts got to stay because I am still very much interested in the topic, however, in order to become more organized I am forcing myself to become picky. I hate doing that. I like to be an open-minded person who gives every vlog and blog a chance to interest me, but I realize that I don't have time for that if I plan to stay up to date on other people while still blogging and eventually vlogging myself, on top of all the other things I want to do also. I just can't do it all, and so I realize things have to go. That has been a main thought process for me this past month, I need to purge a lot from my past so I can head towards my future. Ugh, getting sentimental here. I guess I just want to perhaps inspire others to do the same. Purge the junk from the past so you can move on.

This isn't just your personal past, this can go for anything. For example, the room I craft in is a freaking sty right now. I kid you not. I'll admit it, I made it a mess. I didn't clean up after my last crafting in there, and when I crafted in my bedroom, I just dumped the stuff back in there where I could and left it as is. I can't stand to go in there now because it's such a mess. A mess I know I could attack and want to, but there is just so much junk I am holding on to, because I may need it. This irks me to no end. Now let me say, this is not a "hoarders" level of a mess...not yet anyway, but I am hoarding stuff I need to let go. Craft stuff, doll stuff, computer stuff, etc. I have always told myself I want to be a "need to get" crafter. I know a lot of crafters and doll people will hold on to things they think may come in a handy one day, and I was slowly going that route. Now I don't want to do that. I want to have to go to the store and get what I need for a project rather than have it hang around. This way I know about how much I need and what I am looking for. I'll get it, use it, and it will be gone and done, leaving me free to move on to the next project clutter free.

I feel a lot of us just have a lot of "clutter" in our lives, be it tangible or intangible, and we'd all be better off just letting some or all of that go. So that is what a big hunk of my to-do list will be. Getting rid of the clutter. I was contemplating selling some doll stuff, part of my fabric stash, etc., but I think it may just be wiser to donate to Good Will and be done with it all so I can "reboot" my life and hobbies all fresh and clean. Hummm, the fabric I might still slowly sell in my...yes I still have plans to open a shop, it's already made I just need to actually open it. But as for the rest of the clutter, it will just go. And as I finish my doll photostory, details on that coming soon, I will be selling off the props I don't need so I can move on to other stories that will be more hands on when it comes to props, MyFroggyStuff will be my best friend. LOL! Ugh, just so much to do and figure out and clear out and I feel overwhelmed, but I am putting it out there into the universe, and there it will stay.

If you are finding yourself in the same situation as I am, you own too many dolls, too much craft supplies, you follow too many Youtube channels, you are reading too many blogs, reduce the clutter and get rid of them. You'll feel better for it. Ummm, except for this blog of course, don't free yourself of this one. You'd be lost without my high quality venting...err...I mean blogging. ;-) Well, hopefully I was able to help one or two of you out there. Don't feel like you have to hold on to something because you've had it so long or worried you may need it. Odds are, if you have used it or looked at it in years, you probably aren't going to, so get rid of it. You'll be happier. I'm living proof of that, since I have deleted several hundred subscriptions, a ton of people I completely forgot I followed have show up in my subscriptions. It's like a whole new Youtube for me, and I'm excited reacquainting myself with these interesting people. LOL! Now, if you are really fighting with whether or not you are a craft hoarder of any kind, do feel free to look at this article and see how many you can say yes to. And you dollie people out there, you do the same and just replace the craft stuff with dol doll. If you answered yes to any of them, you know what you need to do. ;-)

Ok people, I'm off to knock out another page of subscriptions before...crawling into bed. Don't judge me!!! I hope all of you have an awesome day, and I will talk to you guys later. Bye for now. :-)


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  1. hey, welcome back! and thanks for the craft hoarder link. so funny but so true. i definitely have hoarder tendancies, but unfortunately i don't have the ability to organize it all. i think my craft room would be ok if only i could organize...

    ps: happy early birthday!


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