Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A quick pop in.

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting much. Still Spring cleaning mostly. I know I have some comments I need to get back to and I will do that this week. Thank you for all the comments, I love getting them. I hope when I am done with the cleaning I can respond to them quicker.

During my breaks from cleaning I've also been working on my website which has a new layout, my shop banners, and my links and favorites so I can have a big list of all the cool doll places I've found online and can just easily add to the list when I find more. So that's where I am at now.

Oh, but also while doing all that I will surf the web to find some new stuff to look at and I found myself on this neat site called "We Heart It" It's a site where you can heart pictures you find online. I know there may be some copyright issues with the site, but the site links back to the page all pictures on the site were found. So I honestly think it's just more exposure for the sites the pictures came from.

Now on this site I found a very interesting picture I just had to share. Now while this picture is not bad in the least, until you get a good look at it you may think I've just gotten raunchy on you all today. I would not view it in front of kids or at work because of what it "looks" like from the passerby. So here goes, take a look at this interesting picture. Warning, doll nudity. :-D

Ok, now that the shock has worn off, admit it, it's pretty freaking cool. I just thought that was so cool. I mean talk about realistic looking right? My only ish is the male doll doesn't seem to have knee joints and the female doesn't have joints at all except for the arms and legs. Poo. But I'd still be tempted to buy both "dolls" because of how realistic they look. LOL! But yeah, just had to share that with you guys. Now I'm off to watch Easter Parade with my sister and then exercise. Bye for now. Be good.

Loves ya,


  1. That is one of the coolest photoshops I have ever seen!


    You should see what one of the people on the Triad Toys forum did with a pic of the 'Eva' doll! [url=]No joints![/url] She damn near looks human!

  2. Sorry, it didn't come out. If you go to their forum and search 'eva + no joints' it should come up.

  3. That was too cool. I love the photoshop skills of some people. It's amazing what they can do with a mouse or pen and a few moves of the hand. I will never have those skills. Thanks for sharing that link. That is so cool. I was looking hard to see if I could see where the joints were and it's impossible to see. Very good job indeed. :-) Thanks for the comment! :-)


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