Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh yes I'm back, from outer space!

Hey guys, yes it's been a LONG time since I have posted. I've been trying to organize my life some and so far so good. Can't complain really. I've got my room clean and now I am working on my spare/craft room. That shouldn't be too bad, but I am still dreading it.

Anyhoo...yes I spelled it that way on purpose, I like it :-D...I was surfing the web today and looking at old toys and then an old toy I hadn't thought about in years came back to my mind.

In the 80s my mom bought me a Maxie doll.

I got the one in the blue swimsuit and YES the hair was the flowing. I still have my Maxie doll but the swim suit is long gone sadly. But another thing my mom got me was the Maxie Gym and Locker room playset.


The outside looked like a locker. It had a small blue lock that had a key. It was all plastic and of course didn't lock, but it was still cool to put on to keep the locker closed because it did tend to come open.


Now the inside was cool. It has a vanity, a shower, a workout bench, a mini locker, and a walk to hand things on. It made for some fun storylines. I seem to remember basically using the set to as a jail or a place to hide people who were kidnapped. And sometimes it was just used as a bathroom or bedroom by turning the workout bench into a bed. LOL!

But while the gym/locker room was fun, it never took the place of what I ultimately wanted as a kid. For Christmas I remember telling my mom I wanted one thing from Santa that year. One thing. I saw the commercial for it on tv and thought about it all the time. Dreamed about it. And I just knew I was going to get it for Christmas. What was this thing I so long for?


The Maxie Surf Watchin lifeguard stand.

I pictured the fun my dolls would have with this lifeguard stand, especially since most of their stories happened on the beach for some reason. Well, come Christmas morning I was saddened to find out that Santa didn't get me the lifeguard stand. Oh I'm sure he got me something else equally as nice, but to this day I still have a little sad inner child who wishes for the lifeguard stand. LOL! Oh well, I was still a spoiled little brat so I guess I can't complain to much. ;-)

Well I just wanted to share that story with you all. I have some more things to post about soon. Still getting my rear organized, but I will post at least every other day so I don't lose your interest. Bye for now kids.

Loves ya,


  1. I hope you are feeling better now.
    I didn't play with dolls much as a child i prefered to join my two brothers games But my mum used to buy me Pippa dolls they were small and I think she like them herself :-)

  2. Yay! Chelle's back! Oh man, I never had any Maxie dolls, but I wanted that Maxie gym soooo bad! It's so awesome you used it as a jail, lol! You would have been so fun to play barbies with!

    Aaaauuugh, I totally know that feeling when you want a toy so bad you practically have it already, and you're already playing with it in your head. Then not getting it-- it never really fades completely, lol. Here's hoping you find one still :)

    Good luck with your cleaning/organizing, sounds like you're realling making progress!

  3. JulietK, that is how I got most of my dolls when I was a child, my mom loved them so she got them for me. LOL! I think she secretly wanted them for herself, but now I've got her in the doll collecting hobby so now she goes and gets dolls for herself now. LOL! And I played with my brother too. He had the cool car ramps tracks that he'd let me join him in playing with, but his train tracks he never let me in on. *sigh* How rude. LOL!

    Oh Smidge I do hope I find one some day. If anything to see it in person and just say I touched it. There is another thing that I can still remember wanting so bad but I am trying to find a picture of it to post about it. It was also something I could picture, but alas, I never got it. *sigh* Oh well. LOL!


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