Thursday, May 21, 2009

A crafty sort of business.

So I had plans today to post about some stuff I have been working on, but I'm not really ready to post about them yet. I am still working on the website and getting all the html to work right together, but I don't want to leave you empty-handed. So today I hunted around the interwebs and found some goodies for you.

First of all I found this neat tutorial on how to make beaded rings. I wanted to pick a fairly simple tut for you all and one that I love doing myself.

Eyn1327 from the ThreadBanger forums has made a tut to show you how to make a very attractive looking ring. I recently got into making beaded rings for fun. You can knock a few out within an hour and its relaxing to do. This design is fairly simple to do but with practice you can begin to make greater designs. Try it out, I know you'll like it.

Now for some Etsy promos. I decided to promote some shops that have recently started listing items but have not had a sale yet.

My first Etsy promo is for the shop "Beth Can Draw". This store first caught my attention with the original hand drawn illustrations done by the store owner...who I am assuming is named Beth. :-) She puts her creations on onesies for babies. If I had a baby now she would so be getting my business. Her art is so original and I just love how cute they are.

The next shop of interest is "The Little Fox". This shop sells prints made from whimsical paintings I assume are done by the shop owners. I wish they would have put that in their store description. I'd love to know if they did paint the original art. Or if it was done digitally. Or if its just free-use art they found online. *sigh* Oh well. I think the art is very cute and I love the big-eyed expressions on all the faces. Must pull back to my liking of Blythe dolls. Humm speaking of which...

This next store, "Pickle Lily Pie", offers clothes for dolls, one of them being Blythe dolls. I love the look of the clothing. Now since the shop is still freshly opened, its to be expected that the few things they have for sale have a similar shape. However, the fabrics and attention to detail make them each separate in a little way.

In keeping with doll theme, this next shop called "Cappomaggi" offers a wild selection of handmade cloth dolls that range from varied animals to humans. As a child I loved cloth dolls and still find them fascinating to this day. Making a cloth doll seems like its an ultimate way to unleash your creative side. You design the doll or character you are going after from their look to the fabric they are made of. You create their clothing and accessories to complete the look and their persona and personality and for the lifetime of that doll it will display a inner part of you and you creativity. I would love to make cloth dolls, but I am not sure if I am just thinking about it "too" much that it keeps holding me back. Who knows. But mark my words, I will make a cloth doll one day. It just have to try it at least once.

And to round out our promos for this post, I found this shop called "Proteales". This shop sells one of a kind jewelry made from vintage odds and ends. I love everything in the shop. Once again it has just opened, so it doesn't have much in it. But what it does have in it is simply amazing work. I will definantly be keeping a watch on this shop as it grows.

All the shops have actually been faved by me and I hope my little promos can get some traffic their ways. If you've got a shop on Etsy, leave your link in the comments and I'll check it out. I love to see what other people are creating.

Well that's all for this lovely crafty Thursday. I hope you were entertained, inspired to create, and maybe looked around some new shops that could use some business. I will talk to you lovelies again tomorrow. Bye for now. :-)

Loves Ya,

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