Friday, August 1, 2014

Korean Male Fashions For Dolls

So I've been thinking about things I want to sew and create for male dolls in the 1/6th world. When it comes to fashion, my eyes pop when I see colors, prints, patterns, shapes. Don't get me wrong, t-shirts and jeans are amazing, I love to live in them myself, but there is just something sexy about sleek and colorful outfits. This preference was resparked in me when my sister recently sent me a link for a music video by Korean male singer Henry. In the video he had a certain outfit that caught my attention and that I decided I wanted to somehow make in 1/6th scale in my own vision. Take a look at this screen-cap I caught from the video.

So I'm not sure what the design is on the front of the pants panel, but I would be going for a more subtle look for my outfit. Maybe a solid color with a strip of color going across the middle of it. Not sure. But I love the concept of  "skirty" like pieces of clothing on men. Yes, I am fully aware it's not a skirt, just not shirt what it's called. But it's not shocking to see Asian men in the entertainment business to wear a skirt. It's usually over pants or leggings, and it just kinds of add to their edgy look.

But skirts on men aren't the only thing I find fascinating. Korean male fashion in general has always caught my attention. I especially really love watching Korean dramas and seeing the fashions the men wear, and they wear it like it was just effortless for them to put it together. It almost seems like they put it on as easily as it is to put on a t-shirt and jeans and call it a day. Here are some fashions I am in love with and would love to recreate for dolls.

I am in love with the fact that men can make turtlenecks look so sexy. I don't see many men here wearing turtlenecks, but I see them a lot in Korean fashion.

 The concept of t-shirt and jeans is amazing too. I love seeing something that doesn't have superheroes, game characters, cartoon characters, team logos, etc. on it. I love the pop of color on the shirt and how it's more "fashion" but still it's casual.

Sweats are done "fashionably casual" as well. I know in real life I'm sure those strings are tied and tucked in, but in the "world of fashion" those strings hang loose and it's fashionable. Even in Korean dramas sweats can be just casual fashion and isn't meant to be worn strictly indoors or while exercising.

Even casual wear is just so bright and sleek. I just don't see that in regular life where I live and I'm sure not a lot of people do unless you live in a more fashion-centric area like New York, California, Paris, London, Seoul, etc.

Winter wear is still bright and bold as well. While around here we bundle up in big poofy pillowy coats, in other parts of the world they still work it. And now let me pic spam you with some other male fashions I just love.

Elbow patches, not just for fashionable college professors. Love.

So while searching for Korean male fashions I found some non-Korean fashion pictures that would fit perfectly under the male Korean fashion bubble.

I wish I could see this type of fashion in person to see how it really falls on a man and how it moves on them. If I do see a suit it's because the man is going to work, church, wedding, or a funeral. I would love to experience a place where fashion is more expressive. Now I know these fashions are also mostly worn in certain areas of Korea just like anywhere else. I'm sure most of Korea is much more casual, I would just love to walk around the areas of the world that are high fashion just to see them, how they flow, and the people who wear them. *sigh* Dream big Michelle, dream big. Until then, I will plan and plot and design patterns for my dolls and let them live in the fashions I'd love to see in real life. :-)

And on that last note, I am off. I shall continue the search for high-fashion and drool over the colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, and shape. My next fashion post will be on the complete other side of the spectrum.  Can't wait to post about that soon. Until then, take care. Bye for now.

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