Friday, August 8, 2014

Human Cloning From The Clone Factory

So remember a few days back I wrote a post about That’s My Face? Well while searching the web today I came across The Clone Factory. I’d read about it before on Danny Choo’s blog, but completely forgot about it until I came across the topic again today. I was searching for custom made dolls and a picture came up of a clone doll made by the Clone Factory. Looking at the picture, the company seems very similar to That’s My Face, the only difference being is you have to go in person to get pictures taken at The Clone Factory, but with That’s My Face you can send your pictures in. If you look at the picture above you can see Danny’s Dollfie Dream sitting next to some dolls that have been cloned from actual ladies. Take a look at the video below to see Danny’s visit to the company to have his own doll created in his likeness.
It seems both are mostly in the business of making miniature heads and busts, but The Clone Factory seems to take it a step further by making actual figures as well as making 3D plaques of your furry little friends. It’s amazing what 3D printing can do. Just like with That’s My Face, the color is 3D printed onto the item, so they may also have the issues of water being able to wash the item clean of it’s paint. Also, it seems that The Clone Factory deals mostly with bodies made in Japan rather than use brand name doll and figure bodies like That’s My Face. So this gives you a variety of bodies to choose from. It seems that since The Clone Factory deals with mostly a Japanese market that the bodies they use have mostly an Asian complexion, so the bodies and heads seem to fit well together, but since I can’t find any other complexion to compare them to That’s My Face I can’t say if The Clone Factory impresses me more or if they have it easier only working in Japan were customers are less diverse. I can’t seem to find any figures with darker skin tones than just a peachy tone. I believe their figures use either action figure bodies or they use bodies like Obitsu or Volks bodies. So I still wouldn’t find a proper clone for myself through this service. Sad smile But it’s still a super interesting service. Also, it looks like the heads of their figures fit well on the bodies, that right there is super impressive to me. Another thing I love is that the dolls can be made where they can wear wigs. That just ads to the lifelikeness for me.

I guess I will stick to the idea of designing and printing original characters in different colored filaments. If I like the way my designs look, I’ll hopefully be able to sell my creations or at least the design for it. But first, I’ve got to decide on an OC. However, I do wonder if one day I will be able to have a 3D creation of myself. I could still go through That’s My Face and find a body and try to kitbash a body to work for it, but like I said, at the price and how fragile that face paint is, I just want something that is perfect right out of the box. The search continues!!!

And on that last chaotic note, I am off lovelies. I will talk to you all tomorrow. I'm getting older and better like fine wine tomorrow. My mom says she is making me a special cake. I'll be sure to share that fun with you all. Until then. Take care. Bye for now.

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