Monday, May 24, 2010

The creepiest dolls!!!

Hey all, so I was hunting around "Da Tube" this evening and I came across several freaky dolls from the 60s and 70s and I just had to share them with you. If any of you think Blythe dolls are creepy, just wait until you see THESE gems, and then tell me which is the creepiest doll.

Up first is this little possessed beauty named "Baby Say and See" by Mattel. I will NEVER understand how this doll made it through concept to mock-up to prototype to the assembly line and into the arms a little girls. Not following? Watch the video below.

See what I mean now. Crazy scary doll. If I would have had that doll as a child, omg, I would never have slept. And I know my mom would NOT have gotten rid of her because I'm sure she was pricey. So I would have been stuck with the creepy thing for years until she secretly met with a tragic end with a hacksaw. *innocent whistle*

Ok, so the next creepy doll I came across was "Little Lost Baby" by Ideal Toy Company. Now at first this doll would have been right up my alley. She was an "abandoned" doll that needed your love. A note asking for you, the little girl, to take care of her. On the box it shows the doll smiling...crying...and sleeping. Umm??? How is that possible? In my time if a doll had several faces it meant you had to get different dolls with that face. So surely that was the case with this doll right? the video below to find out.

Ok, not try to tell me that was not the creepiest thing you've ever seen. Ok, maybe not the creepiest, but darn it all, it's right up there near the top of creepiest things. The part where they switch gets stuck and you see two heads just gives me the shivers. I would have HATED having that doll. Simply HATED it! Ugh! *shivers* Moving on. *shivers*

Ok, so this next doll was best left for last as she creeped me out the most. This little one is named "Baby Laugh A Lot" by Remco. Not only is the doll creepy, but the commercial is creepy. Ok, first watch the video below to get a review of the doll.

Ok, so in all fairness, this doll's voicebox must have corroded some over the years because she isn't really suppose to sound that way. But the original voice isn't much better. Now watch the commercial for the doll below.

Ok, so when I saw this commercial, first I shiver at the doll's evil laughter, but when those girls turned their heads like possessed puppets I got so seriously freaked. No, really, freaked out. I clicked on the link for the parody and it's exactly what went through my mind when I saw the commercial. Check it out below.

Yeah...that's all I gotta say about that. Just...yeah.

Ok, so tell me, what do you think about these freaky gals? Too cute for words? Would have been your best friend? Would have "accidentally" been left on the bus on the way home? I mean I don't even think the dogs would go near these things, so forget blaming it on Rover why she disappeared, even your parents wouldn't believe that one after you set those dolls free from their confines. *shivers*

So yeah, just had to post about those dolls and give you all a chill for the day. New post coming tomorrow. Until then, be good kids. Bye for now. :-)

Loves ya,

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