Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anyone Play MMOs?

Ok, don't hold me to this right now, but I may be getting three friend invites to give away to play Guild Wars 2 from November 15-18. They are adding a new land on November 15th and it will be a great time for you to join in the fun. One friend invite is already gone so I have two left to consider when I get them. I thought I'd offer them here on my blog to you dolly peeps. I don't mind if you want to give the invite to someone you know who will play the game or if you want to keep it to try the game out yourself, I just really want someone who will play the game to have the codes. I personally love the game and love how it allows me to play when I have time, and even if your friends are level 80, like my sister is, their levels will be lowered to come play with you if you aren't their level, like my sister does with me. You may even decide you want to play the game after the trial and get a copy for yourself.

Now like I said I am offering this to my doll peeps, but if you are a gamer who has a blog and comes across my blog looking for codes go ahead and leave a comment that you'd like it as well. I will pick dolly peeps first but if no one says they are interested in the codes then I will pass it on to a gamer. You must have a blog or something to show me you are a gamer and not someone just collecting codes. If I can't find proof of you being an actual gamer then I won't give you the code. Oh, also leave me a way to reach you, this goes for everyone, so I can send the codes when or if I get them. I will update you all on that in a few days. I'm super excited about the new event and the new land.  Oh, and before you leave a comment for the code, please check to make sure your system meets the game requirements.

Ok, so I will know more about the codes in a few days and will make a post about if I have them or not. Just thought I'd mention it here now since it may take a while for people to see I am blogging again and for those interested in gaming to see it. Ok, I'm off to work on articles again. Bye for now my lovely peeps.

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Image From The Guild Wars Wiki Website

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