Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look at what made me click "Buy It Now".


If all goes well, this shall be my Penelope. She's a Blybe doll, no I did not misspell that. I first learned about Blybe dolls through Dolls Ahoy when she mentioned one she liked. I already had an ADG Blythe doll and simply love her. I named her Ann Marie after the main gal in the "That Girl" show. I am very much into mod and I needed my first girl to be a mod gal. Who better to be my mod gal than a Blythe right. I have been neglecting my poor gal and need to give her some TLC after the much neglect. She needs some more outfits and her hair needs some tending to. I can't wait to have Penelope here though. I can picture them standing next to each other. If I like her quality enough and the seller then I will buy a few more dolls to customize some characters I have in mind then I will switch back to Blythe and try customizing Blythes.

Now let me tell you that if you are interested in getting a Blbye doll, please know they are not as good quality as Blythe from what I've read. Their waist joint seems loose and wobbly so you either have to do a body switch or do a trick I learned about on Flickr, put a rubber band around the waist and then the body is fine. The seller of Penelope says she will do this before sending the doll off. That will be cool if she did. I won't do a post about this seller until the transaction is complete. But if it all works out you all will be hearing about her for sure.

Ok well that's all I really wanted to pop back on and talk about. Now I'm off to watch the movie. Byers all, and be good.

Loves ya,


  1. I love her! I only found out about the Blythe knock offs recently. I don't have a Blythe, so I'm certainly no expert or anything, but the clones look amazing, in my opinion. They are definitely just as cute:) Can't wait till you get her!

  2. Thanks Smidge! She's a cutie and I can't wait to get one or two more knock-offs. She's just a precious to me as a Blythe doll. So glad I was able to get her. :-) Thanks for the comment!


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