Sunday, December 5, 2010

50% off of select girls toys on

Hey all, as the title says, there is a 50% off sale on today.  I’m not sure how long it will be for.  I just got the email literally like a minute ago.  So I just wanted to pop on and tell you guys.  It’s like two pages of stuff but the stuff is a lot of dolls.  A lot of the Liv dolls are half off.  Of course not the one I want.  They have all the outdoors Liv dolls on sale except for Hayden.  So either her sale inventory got bought out or she wasn’t put on sale.  *sigh*  Which is ok.  I keep missing sales anyway so it won’t bother me to pay full price.  I might get in on this deal for one doll and maybe a book or something.  I don’t know yet.  But I hope someone out there who reads this can take advantage of the deal.  They have those new Moxie dolls on sale and that is very interesting to me.  I’m curious about them but not enough to pay full price.  But half price is another think all together.  LOL!  Ok, talk to you all later.  I’m gonna catch up on some Shaytards then hit the hay for a few hours.  I spent all night working on the 10 dresses I sewed up like two months ago.  I finally embellished all but one of them since I liked it as is.  I think they all turned out nice and will be going up for sale soon.  I think I will open the shop with a sale for the holidays since I am so late in getting things done.  We’ll see.  Ok, talk to you all soon, bye for now.

Loves ya,

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  1. Oh, you suck! Must. Not. Put. In. Cart! LOL-- I'm going to be good and just forward this sale to my boyfriend, instead of going on a shopping spree myself. (At least I'm going to try!)

    Yaaaaay you for getting all those dresses done! I totally passed out on the couch last night (Just tired, not drunk, lol) but sounds like you were super busy anyway. Can't wait to see! Congrats!


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